MultiMath - Math duel game!

Do you need a great game to practice simple math operations? You are in a right place.
With our production you can play alone or against your friends.
MultiMath will give you opportunity to:
- have fun with your friends
- fight each other mathematically
- carry out a mathematical duel
- learn concentrate on tasks
- improve your math skills and reflexes
- control the stress during the competition
- practice math abilities

MultiMath as a math duel game is grate fun for kids and adults. Our game is very friendly for everybody, so you can even ask your math teacher to organize a competition with MultiMath in your class. All you need is a smartphone or tablet and few friends.

If you still hesitate if you should try it out - just stop, download the game and see how challenging it can be to win against your friends.
When you play all you need to do is to give the correct answer faster than your opponent. Don't try to guess – every wrong answer gives your opponent the advantage. It is fun, competitive and educational game for kids and adults.
It's also a great tool for parents to practice with their kids for math tests or just have fun.

This math game includes basic operations like addition and subtraction, multiplication and division.
Try to carry out a math duel at school, home and everywhere you are. Every place and situation is good to practice math - you will need the skills for your whole life, so it's never enough practice.

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